When you decide to invest the commercial laundry business, you need to look for the professional laundry equipment supplier who supply robust, reliable and profitable on premise laundry equipment, then you will get the biggest returns with smaller investment.

Sharing Company is dedicated to helping you find the right solution, build your bottom line with innovative ways to cut operating costs, increase efficiency and create greater customer satisfaction.
  • Medium Laundry Factory

    Situation: 2000 kg/day, if work 8 hours, 250kg/hour

    Washers: 2 x XGQ-100, 1 x XGQ-50
    Dryers: 2x HG-100
    Ironer: 1xYPII-3300
  • Central Laundry Factory

    Situation: 5000 kg/day, if work 8 hours, 625kg/hour

    Washer: 6 x XGQ-100, 1 x XGQ-50
    Dryer: 6x HG-100
    Ironer: 1xYPVI-3300
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