A well-managed on premises laundry can help you improve profit through reduced costs, enhanced cleaning results and in-house quality control. Choosing the right industrial laundry equipment assures consistent, quality results. An on-premises laundry also allows greater use of linens from less inventory. Bedding, bath linens,table clothes and other items can be laundered immediately after guest checkout and be ready again the same day.

When you want to build your own laundry in your hotel or resort or renew your old equipment, you are at the right address.
  • Guest House

    Situation: 60 beds 80% occupancy 100 kg/day

    Washers: 1 x XGQ-25
    Dryers: 1x HG-25
    Ironer: 1xYPI-3000
  • Restaurant / Spa

    Situation: 30 tables / 30 rooms 50 kg/day

    Washers: 1 x XGQ-15
    Dryers: 1x HG-15

  • 3 Star Hotel

    Situation: 150 beds 80% occupancy 250 kg/day

    Washers: 1 x XGQ-50
    Dryers: 1x HG-50
    Ironer: 1xYPII-3300
    Dry Cleaning Machine: 1xGX-8F
    Vacuum Ironing Table: 1xIT-01
  • 5 Star Hotel

    Situation: 697 beds 30 suits 80% occupancy 1800 kg/day

    Washers: 2 x XGQ-100, 1 x XGQ-50
    Dryers: 2x HG-100
    Ironer: 1xYPII-3300
    Dry Cleaning Machine:1xGX-12F
    Laundry Press:1xLP-02
    Vacuum Ironing Table:1xIT-01
    Spotting Table:1xQZA
    Form Finisher:1xSFF-01
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