Managing labor costs and ensuring a steady supply of clean, safe linens are critical factors in healthcare laundry operations. Sharing Company provides on premise laundry solutions and high quality hospital laundry equipment to hospitals and clinics. We understand the unique needs of the healthcare industry and have the products, services and support you need for long-term success.

Hospitals and medical clinics require specialized laundry solutions to safely process bedding, towels, blankets, gowns, surgical scrubs and personal care items. Sharing offers a full-line of washer extractors, tumble dryers, flatwork ironer for the healthcare industry.
  • Small Hospital

    Situation: 100 beds 580 kg/day

    Washers: 2 x XGQ-50
    Dryers: 2x HG-50
    Ironer: 1xYPII-2500
  • Medium Hospital

    Situation: 300 beds 1740 kg/day

    Washers: 2 x XGQ-100, 1 x XGQ-50
    Dryers: 1x HG-100,2x HG-50
    Ironer: 1xYPII-2500
  • Large Hospital

    Situation: 4500 kg/day

    Washers: 6 x XGQ-100, 2 x XGQ-100B
    Dryers: 6x HG-100
    Ironer: 2xYPII-2500
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